[r-t] "musicality"; was Roger Bailey

Simon Humphrey sh53246 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 19:20:13 UTC 2013


>On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 6:56 AM, Simon Humphrey <sh53246 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Courtesy of SMC, and assuming tenors-together, there's a couple of very
>> 5120 Roger Bailey's unrung Surprise Major
>>   8 56 rollups
>>   4 near misses
>>   10 tittums
>>   8 f7568s
>>   8 f7468s
>>   12 2468s
>What are "10 tittums," "12 tittums" and so on?
>Are "f7568s" and "f7468s" those rollups off the front, or does the 'f'
>mean something different?

The names are arbitrary.  They are some of the names I assigned to various
musical properties, to each of which an associated weight can be defined.
This enables SMC to sort the compositions into order of musicality,
according to my definitions, or even to filter some out if so desired.

It might be entertaining to produce compositions containing 10 or 12
repetitions of tittums, but I defined this name to mean any row of the form
x5x6x7x8 or 5x6x7x8x.
F7568 and f8468 did indeed indicate those combinations off the front.

I happened to use a music definition file which I had already set up.  
In decreasing order of importance this particular set of definitions
contained the following:

56 rollups
65 rollups
near misses
6-RUN 3-8
6-RUN 2-7
6-RUN 1-6
5-RUN 4-8
5-RUN 3-7
5-RUN 2-6
5-RUN 1-5
4-RUN 5-8
4-RUN 4-7
4-RUN 3-6
4-RUN 2-5
4-RUN 1-4

What musical properties do other people search for?


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