[r-t] Stedman Jump Triples

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 23 22:52:36 UTC 2013

A few further remarks about this:

The 5040 is quite intriguing - it is a palindromic 21-part (with ss 
linkages), or, if we separate each part into its two mirrored halves , 
effectively a 42-part.  If I've got it right, that isn't possible in 
Stedman Triples!

The question of a bobs-only 5040 is open.  (I found some mutually true 
bobs-only blocks, but did not manage to joint them).

The method extends perfectly nicely to higher numbers, and retains the 
property or preserving the coursing order at the back (so the row 
213456789OE come up about half way through the plain course).

From a practical point of view it's actually moderately tricky to ring - 
the presence of jump changes at the front of the change all the time means 
that getting the leading right is a challenge in rhythm and bell-control.

Why not give it a try?!


On Wed, 23 Jan 2013, Philip Earis wrote:

> And just in case anybody missed it, we recently also rang a very nice 
> new extent of Stedman Jump Triples 
> (http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=272359)
> In Stedman Jump, there are two types of six ("hot" and "cold", 
> corresponding to jump down and jump up), rung alternately.  See the 
> attached diagram.
> There are therefore two types of frontwork, which are mutual reverses. 
> As each frontwork lasts for 3 sixes, each course preserves the natural 
> coursing order, with the same four bells in 4-5-6-7 appearing in both a 
> hot and a cold six.
> It's a joy to ring!
> 5040 Stedman Jump Triples
> Alexander E Holroyd
> 1234567890  1234567
> -------------------
>   -  s ss  6273145 |A
> sss-sss:   4736251 |
> -------------------
>     A      6135724
> -------------------
>   -  s s   2147653
> -------------------
>  -         5372164 |D
> -   s s  -  1562347 |
> -------------------
> s:         2456137
>     D      4312756
> s:         2531476
>     D      5742631
>   sss-sss  6712345
> -------------------
> 7 part.
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