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David Hull davidghull at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:37:52 UTC 2013

Dear all

Some of you may be interested in a new peal of Spliced Royal in 9 methods
which I've come up with. See:


The idea is to ring 8 leads (ABCDDCBA) on the "Pipe" plan where the pivot
bells alternate between 2nds and 10ths place bells, thus helping to
maximise the possibilities for music generation. Then a half lead of a
plain method is rung giving the row 2098765431. From there, a further
8-lead block is rung, consisting of the reverses of the methods rung
previously, the treble starting in 10ths place each time. Then a further
half lead of the plain method is rung to get to 1456789023. The whole is
then repeated 8 times.

23 of the possible 24 6-bell runs are generated forwards and backwards,
front and back - not bad given that you effectively only ring leads in the
plain course, although I'm sure the final one could be slotted in with some
different methods. Similarly, methods with more variety and slightly less
static blue lines could also be used on this plan, although possibly at the
expense of some of the roll-ups. There are 396 runs of 4 or more bells back
and front (not including 1234s/4321s).

Anyway, it was an idea I'd had kicking about for a while and had mentioned
to a few people, but I was spurred into action a week or so ago when Simon
Gay sent me an 8-bell quarter on a similar plan - perhaps he'd be
interested in sharing that with this list too.

I'm hoping to arrange an attempt to ring this sometime soon.


David G Hull
01757 268620 / 01904 325476 / 07884 188965
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