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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 09:52:42 UTC 2013

I'm also sad to hear of Roger's passing. He really was a unique character and I have some great memories of ringing and drinking with him, as well as sharing thoughts on methods and compositions.

Now for a plea: I am attempting a handbell peal in his memory on Sunday which will hopefully be one of his unrung major methods. The notation is as follows: x5x4x25x36x4x5x4x1, b. The problem is it appears to have pretty nasty OTc falseness and although David Maynard assures me Roger had produced a composition he hasn't been able to locate it. 

I can't find anything on the web that fits these falseness groups and I'd therefore be very grateful if someone could have a look into this? I am not going to have chance to look myself before the weekend and it is somewhat outside my 'comfort zone' in any case.

Any productions very much

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