[r-t] Peal of Spliced Royal

Simon Gay Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk
Thu Jan 24 18:04:53 UTC 2013

Here's the quarter peal composition (of Major) that David referred to. 
It has 400 runs of 4 or more bells at the front or back, which I think 
is pretty good in a quarter peal length.

The quarter contains several Little methods, so alternate parts have the 
treble hunting from the back and not reaching the front. Actually, as 
far as I remember, when David first described his peal plan it also had 
this feature, but now he is using Alliance methods rather than Little 
methods to get the desired length.


1680 (1260) Spliced Major (7m)

Simon J. Gay (based on an idea by David Hull)

Norwich LS -  14235678
Norwich LS -  13425678
Norwich LS    12364857
Oxford DLB    13286745
Norwich LS -  18326745
Norwich LS -  12836745
Norwich LS s  12378564
Bastow     s  12753486
Original      25147638
Original      54261873
Original      46582317
Original   s  68435271
Rev Bastow    83624751
Rev Bastow    32876541
14 part

- = 14
s = 1238 in Norwich LS, 1678 in Original

In even-numbered parts, replace every method by its reverse and
swap bobs and singles between the front and the back. Original remains
the same method but its single becomes 1238.

Contains 400 runs of 4 consecutive bells at the front or back.

For 1260 replace 35 leads of Norwich by Bastow.
To avoid losing runs, replace Norwich by Bastow
in the following places.

2a and 2b mean the first and second blocks of
3 leads of Norwich in part 2, and so on.

Keep 1 of the 36 leads as Norwich.

Blocks: 2a,2b,3b,5a,6a,6b,9a,9b,10b,12a,13a,13b

Unnamed methods:

Norwich Little Surprise:
-34-14-12-14 le 18   14263857

Reverse Norwich Little Surprise:
-56-58-78-58 le 18   24163758

Oxford Differential Little Bob:
-1234 le 18   13264857

Reverse Oxford Differential Little Bob:
-5678 le 18   24153768

Reverse Bastow Little Bob:
-78 le 18   24163758

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