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1) Agreed - although that doesn't answer the question - "surely we can do better than that nowdays"
2) All compositions are to a lesser or greater extent a memory test for the conductor - again skirting around the issue.
3) It depends on how much you want to generate music and stretch the band and have an enjoyable experience. Anything can fit on an envelope although sometimes you might need to use smaller writing.

Treble fixed Stedman doesn't have to be boring. I have called a number of compositions with this feature and varying degrees of complexity and interest. I select compositions appropriate to the situation. The bar goes much higher for a "home game" with an experienced band than it does if it is a rare tower for a special occasion with an inexperienced band. I think there is a place for all levels of composition in ringing - selection needs to be down to the circumstances.

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Hi All,

David Sullivan said "Tell me about it. Yesterday I rang a peal of Stedman Cinques. It was as though there had been no innovation for 100 years (6, 19, 19...). Surely we can do better than that nowadays."

I am surprised no-one made the two obvious rejoinders. I've got around to making them.

The following have ocurred to me:

i) It is far easier to call your own comp. than someone else's - since you know how it was constructed, etc.

ii) The comp. referred to is on p67 of the CC collection. Above it is what one might call a 'modern' comp. which, whatever its merits, is a test of the conductor's memory. I distrust memory tests!

iii) Being the 'back of an envelope' devotee, how far is it worth going to change the 'look' of the composition for additional bits of music?

Best wishes

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