[r-t] H C Miles' Stedman Cinques

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Mar 21 23:40:02 UTC 2013

Jon Potter wrote:

> Does this refer to the false 12675 by Henry G Miles (was 
> that shortened from a longer length?) as below?

Yes.  (Well, the Southwark Cathedral ringers' website gives 
him as Henry C Miles, not G, but I'm sure it's same person. 
His middle initial is G in Morris' 'History & Art'.)

> If so, the CY website has it down as 21st May 1923, not 
> 1932, which might help with a search.

Sorry, carelessness on my part.  Yes, I did indeed mean 

[snip composition]

Three hours of tittums, two hours of handstrokes, another 
three hours of tittums, and a few courses of handstrokes to 
bring it round.  I don't know whether I could stand the 

I guess the full version (the 15051) ended with another 22 
course block of handstrokes -- quite probably called exactly 
the same as the first block of handstrokes, but with a 
different turning course at 'd'.


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