[r-t] Question about method extension

Simon Gay Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk
Thu Oct 24 21:22:15 UTC 2013

Recently I was looking for Surprise Royal methods with Phobos backwork, 
and came up with this unnamed method:

-3-4-2.5.6-34-5-6-67-6-7 le 10  (Unnamed Surprise Royal)


With a 12 lead end it's called End of Exams.

If I understand the decisions on method extension correctly, this method 
extends to Phobos Moon Surprise Sixteen:

-3-4-2.5.6-34-5-6-67-6-7-6-7-6-7-6-7 le 1D


The decisions say that if two methods at different stages are related by 
extension, then they must have the same name, but that if a method at a 
lower stage is related to more than one method at a higher stage, one of 
the related pairs of methods should have the same name.

Again if I understand the decisions correctly, Unnamed Royal also 
extends to the following unnamed Surprise Sixteen method:

-3-4-2.5.6-34-5-6-67-6-67-6-67-6-67-6-7 le 1D


So if Unnamed Surprise Royal is rung in a peal and named, there are two 

a. call it Phobos Moon

b. call it something else, and this would require Unnamed Surprise 
Sixteen to be given the same name if it is ever named in the future

Two questions:

1. Is everything I have said above true?

2. Does anyone consider either Phobos Moon or Unnamed Surprise Sixteen 
to be a preferable or more natural extension of Unnames Surprise Royal?

Simon Gay

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