[r-t] Grandsire Triples.

alan Buswell aaj.buswell at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 10:51:03 UTC 2013

There is a touch of 111 changes as well as 112. There is also a touch of 97
but not 98. Can anyone tell me why this can not be achieved?

There are many quarter peals of Triples, mostly bringing out the musical
qualities of the method. Many ringers do not want to ring full peals but
would like to experience the fact of knowing that they have, at some time
rung ALL the 5040 possible changes to either Grandsire or Plain Bob. Is
there a common composition whereby, starting at a different place in the
same composition, one is able to ring the extent? This will entail five,
possibly more, quarters since the first lead will be common to all and thus
Ringers setting out to achieve this proposal can then say that they have
completed ringing the [name of composition] [name of method] Ring Cycle
knowing that they have heard the Extent  I have not heard of this before
nor know if it is original. It may open a new vista on the subject of
composition. Your views would be appreciated.


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