[r-t] Alliance-ability

Edmund Mottershead edmund.mottershead at st-hildas.ox.ac.uk
Sat Sep 28 03:02:55 UTC 2013

I was tinkering with a composition of spliced royal which was coming in too long, and noticed that in each of the leads of Yorkshire the music that I was interested in invariably came before the 1270 in the place notation.
I decided to look for an alliance or little method which began X30X14X50X16X1270, and otherwise fitted into the slot in the composition currently occupied by Yorkshire, and settled on:

However this is just Yorkshire with the last four Xs in the place notation removed.
This property of being 'alliance-able' is shared by Yorkshire Major (June Alliance and X38X14X58X16., but not Yorkshire Max. It's also not limited to Yorkshire, for example Cambridge Major yields X38X14X1258X36.

Does anyone on here know if there is there an underlying cause for the property of 'alliance-ability', and hence a way of predicting on which stages of a right-place treble-dodging method it will occur, and in what way, or is it simply a coincidence?


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