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Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 6 15:49:47 UTC 2014

Yes - I am a bit confused.

There seem to be some compositions I have missed when I went through the RW DVD but on looking at Graham's link page 36 of 
which refers to E. Morris on page 107 of the RW for 1928, the page cited actually contains a letter from EM referring to a 
composition attributed to him but he is saying he did not compose it as it was purely Kent with Kent and Oxford Bobs.

The E R Martin composition is included in a letter and does not have any explanation although from the letter I think it means 
"Oxford is rung when the tenor is coursing the treble down to lead thus preventing the tenors going into the slow".

I will try and follow these points up in the next few days.


On Sun 06/04/14 15:56 , Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net sent:
> OK, thanks for the feedback chaps.
> Michael - I have got the figures for Morris's Liversedge peal, however 
> the G&B records indicate he composed one of the same length in the 
> Worcester variation (which is Ilkeston with additional Oxfords in leads
> 1 and 5 to replace bobs). Does anyone know of this composition? Perhaps
> it is a mistake in the records and the band (in 1967) actually rang the
> Liversedge arrangement. However, this was Cyril Wratten's handbell band,
> and I'm doubtful he'd have got that wrong.
> I am also missing a composition for a 5056 in the Ilkeston variation by
> T W Goodyer. Again, anyone know of it?
> Roddy - I can't find either peal in your collection, although this has 
> usefully doubled the number of Kent+Oxford compositions I know about! 
> The last composition (is that Eddie Martin? in 1933?!) is missing some 
> annotations though I think. Presumably the Ilkeston variation?
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