[r-t] Quarters of cyclic major

Matt Dawson m.d.dawson.29 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:37:18 UTC 2014

On 4 December 2014 at 11:10, Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot.com> wrote:
> I organise a regular quarter peal slot at my local eight, and while cycling
> home from yesterday's I was thinking whether what interesting things we
> could try next year. And it occurred to me that an eight-bell version of
> Pipe's cyclic six would be around a quarter peal length, though with only
> four methods: each part called LABCCBA.  Has anyone produced such a
> composition?

Here's a back-of-an-envelope attempt:

Call ZGLJJLG x7 for a 1260.
Z = Link; &-4-36-6, 1
G = Glasgow
L = Cornwall
J = new Alliance method; &-4-36-5-1-7, 1

Given the small amount of space there is to get music out, I'd say
that much more thought is needed when choosing / designing the
methods. I also came up with a 1372 with a bit more music (on a
seconds-place plan) but the leads of Superlative in it didn't have
much going for them.


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