[r-t] Poll on consecutive blows in the same position

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 18:39:01 UTC 2014

MBD wrote:

> I think neither the calls nor the methods approach
> is the simplest one, in describing Don's stationary
> link methods. They look like two methods at
> lower stages jammed together, to me.
> I'd call them "blocks"!

Why is that simpler when you will need a whole new set of definitions
covering blocks and a whole new way of describing them when rung in
performances? How would you describe the blocks in Don's QP for example? He
had a  pair dodging on the front (we currently do not have any naming
conventions for ringing on two bells), a stationary bell (is that another
block?), and Original Doubles (backward hunting - how do you indicate offset
notation?). Treating it as a Major method allows all that complication to be
wrapped up into a simple static place notation, using existing
classification where applicable. However, it may be worth introducing a new
class for methods where the bells are split into distinct groups of
non-overlapping changes.


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