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Fri Jun 6 16:43:33 UTC 2014

> From: "King, Peter R" <peter.king at imperial.ac.uk>
> I don't think it detracts one  bit from the intellectual achievement
> of a bobs only extent of Stedman Triples. Similarly if anyone manged
> to cram all 42 "regular" surprise minor into 5040 I would be 
> similarly impressed. I don't see how a small number of 5012s (or 
> whatever) of triples that would actually be ring detracts from these
> achievements or the history at all.
Well I do - it clutters the definition of a peal, so when attempting
to explain the definition of a peal to a learner or non-ringer the
simple and mathematical definition doesn't work. Look at the definitions
in the decisions and see how often each word is used when categorising
each year's performances.

Besides, what is special about 5000 changes compared a definition
of 3 hours ringing, or 40,320 (or 40,000 blows).

Andrew Johnson

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