[r-t] The important points

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Jun 8 17:05:28 UTC 2014

Philip Earis writes,

> Mark, in the nicest possible way your "Norwich Axioms" were
 > fatally flawed because they started with the existing
 > patched-up Decisions as the framework and tried to
 > improve things by deleting some of the crazier bits.

With all due respect Philip, that was absolutely not the case. The 
underlying framework is quite independent, and, I would argue, clean, 
orthogonal and theoretically sound.

Of course the axioms were based on the existing ideas of what is a hunt 
bell, what is a treble-dodging path, and so on. And I couched the whole 
thing as an amendment to the existing "Decisions". It would certainly be 
quite nice to rephrase the whole thing in more natural English, as in an 
example I have in my inbox from a Mr Tim Barnes.

But, I think the Norwich Axioms would have been a whole lot better than 
what we have now. I think the fatal flaw was the mysterious way 
supporters got elected to the Methods Committee but then failed to make 
anything change!


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