[r-t] The important points, now with survey!

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 07:44:18 UTC 2014

The idea of the survey is a good one but I think the question about 'blocks' needs more thought.

Some people clearly thinks the idea of non method blocks is not a good move. Others may not like it but may think that it demonstrates the first 
step in a move by the Methods Committee to simplify things and consequently vote in its favour.

Personally I think there should be a complete fresh start as is proposed by Tim Barnes. I would like to see some very simple definitions and in 
respect of peal length I would just go for 5000.

I forecast that 99% of ringers will still ring what are commonly 'standard' lengths in 'standard' methods whatever the rules say. Freedom for 
innovation should be the main aim.


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