[r-t] Decisions

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue Jun 10 05:31:32 UTC 2014

Peter King wrote:

"get a sensible balance between allowing flexibility for innovation that 
isn't dominated by value judgements of a small group but does also 
respect the traditions."

This is preceisely what is happening now.

I don't know how many members there are of this list, but there are very 
few who are advocating the types of changes we have seen recently - 
"value judgements of a small group".

By far, the great majority of ringers will carry on quotidian ringing - 
not necessarily in peals - nominally following the decisions as they 
were before c1985 - the uncovered triples change.

The lastest change was prosyletised by a very small minority of ringers. 
At current count, fewer than 36 have rung in the s/c 'quark' peal. w.r.t 
variable cover, I asked someone I have known for 30 years who is a 
frequent visitor to the peal columns whether he had ever rung a v.c. 
peal. The scorn in his voice when he said 'no' was obvious.

The real question I would like to ask is this. Is it really worth 
spending time in forming decisions to cover every eventuality? Remember, 
**to a first approximation**, no-one wants to ring this stuff.

To go back to the start of this - "dominated by value judgements of a 
small group". This is just what has happened here. It is not a value 
judgement to want to ring new things, but it is a value judgement to 
want what you have done to be 'accepted' by others.

If we base the decisions on what the majority of ringers want to do the 
majority of time (and majority here means >>99% - North Korea would be 
proud), then we should roll back the majority of decisions to the status 
pre v.c. The CC is for everyone - those struggling with plain hunt, 
those I am forcing to learn London Minor when they don't think they can, 
not just for Cambridge.

Lastly, in your professional lives, how many of you would (a) bother or 
(b) be thanked by your manager for bothering with coping for a 
particular case which only occurs once in every 2000 events?

Just a thought.

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