[r-t] Decisions

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Tue Jun 10 06:38:36 UTC 2014

Robin Woolley writes,

> The real question I would like to ask is this. Is it really worth
> spending time in forming decisions to cover every eventuality? Remember,
> **to a first approximation**, no-one wants to ring this stuff.

I agree with you to an extent, and certainly agonising over questions 
like "What is change-ringing?" and "Is it 5040 or 5000?" is perhaps not 
the best use of our time and effort.

However, rolling back the Decisions is a non-starter. For instance, 
there have been nearly 300 Differential methods rung, which hardly 
counts as unpopular; most of those being hunt-dominated methods that 
have been, to my mind, incorrectly classified. That, and the even bigger 
mess with false methods, should be easy to sort out, and top of the 
priority list.


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