[r-t] [r-c] Definition of a peal (was Not A Block)

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jun 10 08:15:18 UTC 2014

> What is the evidence that this is an "ancient" form of ringing?  
> That's a genuine question.

It is not evidence for it being ancient, far from I, but I remember ringing somewhere in Devon (can't remember where) about 15 years ago where the call changes were called exactly like this. The tower had large (A3 ish) size cards with the changes written out. This was placed on the floor and the tower captain would call out the row (literally all the numbers) to be rung next. Often this involved jump changes.

Whilst on the subject of Devon I think they would take exception to their call changes not being classified as change ringing. They would distinguish between method ringing and call change ringing, but would consider both to be branches of change ringing. At least this was the perception I had about 15 years ago when I last rang there.

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