[r-t] [r-c] Definition of a peal (was Not A Block)

John Harrison john at jaharrison.me.uk
Tue Jun 10 08:25:10 UTC 2014

> I would say set changes and change-ringing are two different things. I
> would also say call-changes and change-ringing are distinct from each
> other.

That is using 'change ringing' where I (and I suspect many ringers) would
use 'method ringing' (or if you come from Devon 'scientific').  

> ... Carry on as we were before - it's worked for four hundred years

As before includes the CC being derided by the mass of ringers for being
out of touch and wasting its time on technical arguments, being derided by
innovative ringers for being prescriptive and obstructive, and having its
tail tweaked by the awkward squad keen to kick any game target.  All of
that weakens ringing because it distances many ringers from their central
service body.

John Harrison
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