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	I have found from experience, that the effect of name-brand medicines
is not always the same as generic ones supposedly containing the same
amount of active substance.   

	I would frame the rules for peals as follows: 

	Starting and finishing with rounds, at least 5000 changes of major,
caters etc (5040 for triples)
No repeated changes (except for rounds at the end). No requirements
about what methods or calls are used. 

	No jumps. 

	No more than 4 blows in one place, and preferably only two blows.
(Except for tenor behind) 

	No stopping for lunch in the middle. 

	Bellringers must be more or less human (no computers, robots,
cyborgs, androids) and not get too much help from outsiders. 

	Bells must be hung in english style in the same tower, with operating
clappers,  and rung more or less full circle. 

	A reasonable standard of striking, so an outside listener could work
out what is being rung. 

	Peals outside these rules to be listed separately 

	There have always been a few methods that stretch the rules of the
day, e.g. Bob Triples has been frowned upon at times. Any well struck
ringing should be acceptable, regardless of the details of the

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>Giles says "There seems to be consensus here that the Decisions
should not be prescriptive but descriptive." What is the effective
difference? >They allowed, in 2013, 4990 (ex 4990, i.e., 100%) peals
to be described in less than four pages of the RW. If I go to the
chemist doesn't my >prescription describe?

Was it "prescriptive" '(pertaining to giving rules or orders) or
"proscriptive" (pertaining to banning something). Your chemist's
prescription is an order from the doctor to give whatever is described
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