[r-t] decisions

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Wed Jun 11 17:15:44 UTC 2014

Martin Cansdale "like[s] a simple answer.". A 5082 would be handled 
simply. The RW editor will print it as received ( he has been advised 
that he can do this so as not to second guess the PR committee). A peal 
board, if any, can describe it however the band chooses. The only 
non-simple part is to read through the PR committee report to find out 
how they've handled it - and if you ring it early enough in the year, 
you've probably forgotten about it yourself by then. Simplicity itself.

What is the original basis of change ringing? I think it was to obtain 
the group Sn where n =4, then n=5, etc. The antients realised having 
composed S7, this was about the practical limit of ordinary mortals 
abilities so when n=8, 5000 rows is in the same 'ball park' as regards 
time to ring.

As regards ringing peals of <5040 on seven bells, this reminds me of a 
story. There was a band assembling for a peal and A said to B, 'I don't 
think we're going to get this peal'. After three hours of good ringing, 
the last lead came up and ringer A stood his bell. 'Told you so', he 
said. Why would you want to go for anything less than 5040 just to save 
less than 90 seconds?

Peter King: Where did prOscriptive come in? Doesn't a doctor's 
prescription both prescribe and describe?

Best wishes

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