[r-t] Minor Blocks

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 08:38:59 UTC 2014

Tim wrote,

> So in some cases it would be down to the first person ringing
> a new method to pick which classification it will have.  But
> clearly it's far from ideal having a classification system that
> involves choice.  I therefore hope someone can come up
> with a better way of handling this!

I don't think you should move away from the principle of the shortest
sequence of changes defining the method. We need logical consistency. It
should be possible to enter any place notation into a program that gives you
a definitive classification, not you could classify it as this, ... or that.
We already ring things in different ways from the way that they are
classified, such as ringing methods by their above and below work. So I
don't see a problem with 6ths place Morning Star being classified as a
Differential that people might ring like a Treble Bob method if they find
that easier. Alternatively, if someone rings by place notation, they would
probably find the Differential form easier to learn.


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