[r-t] Stedman Caters touch - 1.5 courses

Hilling, Matthew M.J.Hilling at exeter.ac.uk
Tue May 20 09:38:56 UTC 2014

A challenge to all you Stedman composers out there - or those with good computer programmes for doing the job!

We often ring Stedman Caters on a Sunday morning to fill the remaining time before service. Typically, the slot is nearly always too short for 2 courses and too long for 1 course.

So, my challenge is - what is the fewest number of calls required for a touch that is 1.5 courses long and meets the following criteria?

* between 140 and 170 changes
* standard Stedman start (4th row of quick six)
* can come round at handstroke or backstroke
* has a recognisable course end somewhere within the touch (eg x6978, 6x978, 6x879 etc)

Can anyone help?


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