[r-t] archiving and zipping

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue May 20 16:46:30 UTC 2014

At last, a sensible discussion.

The second most important contribution was by John Camp: "(It may be 
boring, but) it is clearly of importance in trying to meet the needs of 

John also contributes the most important contribution: "I think that we 
are suffering from a common IT problem, which is that everyone assumes 
that the way they do things is the way everyone else does them." This 
tends to be caused by those whose job it is to write new software. We 
seem to be at a stage where ease of use is going backwards.

The 'flat view' works! Thanks, Graham

Isn't it strange that we have spent so long getting nowhere and the 
answer comes like a bolt from the blue - it doesn't depend upon the 
difference between zipping and archiving - just someone who know how to 
uses the 7zip program!

Best wishes

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