[r-t] What IS a rotation of a method?

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Oct 19 21:56:02 UTC 2014

John Harrison writes,

> The concept of a lead end is significant, and I think it is more than just
> 'what people think they are ringing' as Don exemplified.

Maybe so, but there is no single fixed rule for this.

For example, a number of Surprise methods - Spinning Jennie for one, but 
Tony Cox has many others - have been designed so that they are best rung 
from the snap, and with calls taking place at the snap. Certainly for 
Spinning Jennie, for these reasons one thinks about the leadends of the 
method as being from the snap. But the whole point of Spinning Jennie is 
that it is really a standard symmetrical Surprise Royal method.

I would be horrified if someone rang it from the normal leadend and 
tried to treat it as a different method.


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