[r-t] various

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Wed Oct 29 08:41:20 UTC 2014

Robin writes,

> Odd! The official site records it, but a non-official site-of-choice
> doesn't.

But Robin, all the other programs, apps and websites get their method 
libraries from the Central Council list! The reason your method printer 
didn't have Gluon is precisely because it is not listed in the main 
section of the official list. The method libraries are not serving their 
function. (Why on earth is it "provisional" anyway)?

> Another thing MBD refers to was "the "Bristol 14 Little 16" debacle".

I think this was one of Rod's. There is a natural family of "Little 
Bristol" methods: Littleport, with the treble hunting to 8th's place, 
ringable on Royal up; Bristol Little, with treble to 10th's, starting 
with Maximus; and Bristol 12 Little, treble to 12th's on 14 bells 
minimum. The next in the sequence would be Bristol 14 Little on 16 
bells. However this breaks down into a short course, so, under Tony's 
rules, it's not a Surprise method any more, but a "Differential Hunter". 

> MBD also refers to "and a bigger and bigger mess in the database at the
> heart of method ringing". Is he suggesting that the needs of the
> database is greater than the needs of method ringing?

You have it precisely the wrong way around again, Robin. The methods 
database must satisfy the needs of method ringing. Failing to list 
methods, and listing them in the wrong place with the wrong category, is 
mis-serving everyone.


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