[r-t] Out-of-course Surprise Minor

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Mon Sep 29 11:58:03 UTC 2014

Ander: "...here are a few examples of interesting out-of-course extents (new 
so far as I know). The first one was rung in Bristol this week; this is 
possibly the first extent of spliced s minor from the 41 to include Norwich"

Marvellous to see these extents, especially the elegant gems mixing 
overworks like:

Du   35264
Yo   56342
Du@  65342
Lo   36254
We   23465
Lo@  45623

These comps build on a post to this list from RAS in 2004 
and indeed which I featured in the Minor "compositions of the decade" 
(http://wiki.changeringing.co.uk/Compositions_of_the_Decade_3_-_Minor).  I 
vaguely recall Roger Bailey taking me to task (not sure if it was on-list or 
in-pub) about these saying he'd produced the Kent/Oxford and other examples 
some time previously.  In any case it underlines the importance of 
publishing compositions.  Keep them coming!

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