[r-t] Method extension

Chris02 chris02 at shropshirelad.plus.com
Wed Apr 29 23:23:45 UTC 2015

Mark Davies wrote:
> Hmm. I think we need to step back and try and clear the fog!
> First of all, I think method extension is a really nice thing to
> have. etc.

Mark has summed it up very neatly and I think this approach would be the
best way forward.

The trouble with Philip E's world is that methods would get extended in bad
ways and the name would then be unavailable for good extensions. Sure, the
CC could intercede, but if their value judgements were different to Philip's
or any one else's, we would have endless (and probably acrimonious) debates
about which extension was best.

Mark also wrote:
> Up to now that algorithm has been Tony Smith's brain. It has
> done a pretty good job to be fair, but is in need of urgent
> replacement.

Poor old Tony!

Chris Adams

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