[r-t] Method extension

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu Apr 30 02:21:16 UTC 2015

Chris: "The current rules on extension clearly allow a method to be extended 
in several ways. Philip E was just plain wrong when he made the original 
statement...The trouble with Philip E's world is that methods would get 
extended in bad ways and the name would then be unavailable for good 

I fear you misunderstand me, and I don't comprehend you.

I recognise the current mess of opaque rules & algorithm can produce a range 
of possible candidate "extensions" in some circumstances.  However, my point 
is that so many arbitrary parameterised restrictions have been introduced to 
try to fight a losing battle against this. (See my previous examples, or 
indeed MBD's recent example re Little Bob).

Moreover (as Roddy, who I think is spot on here, well points out) the status 
quo is all predicated on place notation, rather than "feel" which is 
sufficiently ambiguous to define that I don't think it's worthwhile to 
codify, but instead simply leave it up to bands.

Take London major for example.  With PABS' new approach, this isn't a valid 
extension of London minor.  And yet, I doubt many ringers today are worried 
or sickened or compromised that a band 180 years ago felt in good faith it 
captured the essence of London minor and named it as such.

We aren't afraid of this, as it's familiar and something we've grown up 
with.  I am always surprised that some ringers get so fearful when it is 
suggested liberalising some silly Decisions. The status quo does seem to get 
defended just for assuming the role of a comfort-blanket to wrap up in.

I really struggle with your point about methods getting extended "in bad 
ways".  It cannot be the role of a representative body to make value 
judgements about the methods rung.  If the body does this, it becomes a 
vehicle for personal prejudice and peccadillos, as we can clearly see today. 
The Methods Committee was born as the "legitimate methods committee", I 
believe, and the mindset hasn't changed. It should.

All that notwithstanding, I do think MBD and I may be converging in our 

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