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Chris02 chris02 at shropshirelad.plus.com
Sat Aug 29 12:08:58 UTC 2015

Don Morrison wrote:
> Those that care about such things may recall that the CCCBR Methods Committee
>  is working "on a consultation about, and on developing the principles and fundamental
> requirements of, a possible new or revised set of Decisions concerning Peal Ringing,
> Methods and Calls". In the committee's report, and at the Council meeting in May, it
> was stated that there would be an open meeting to discuss this further. I have been in
> contact with the committee trying to understand when and where this meeting would be
> held. I suspect several folks on this list may be interested in what I have learned.

What happened to the attempt by this group to frame a new set of rules/decisions? Is it still alive or was it far more difficult than some of those quick to criticise the Methods committee thought? 

Chris Adams

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