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On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 8:08 AM, Chris02 <chris02 at shropshirelad.plus.com>

> What happened to the attempt by this group to frame a new set of
> rules/decisions? Is it still alive or was it far more difficult than some
> of those quick to criticise the Methods committee thought?

Chris - it certainly hasn't been straightforward.  I've been meaning to
post an update to this list for a while - lack of time is always the

About 25 people joined the r-t rules sub-group, and over the past six
months we've worked (fairly slowly, given limited available time to spend
on this) through about 20 iterations of a proposal document, a process that
generated around 500 posts to the sub-group list.  The latest version of
the proposal document is attached.

The plan is to try and wrap up this proposal document by the end of
September so that it can be submitted to the MC, hopefully as useful input
to the bigger CC review.  Those who are already familiar with the existing
Decisions will be able to quickly glean what would change and what would
remain the same under this proposal document.  As an aid to those less
familiar with the current Decisions, we are also working on a companion
document that provides an analysis of what might be considered the "rule
changes" under this proposal (there are around 30 of them), and which also
provides some additional background and information.

Comments welcomed - what would be especially helpful at this stage would be
the identification of any big flaws that we've missed, or any situations
that aren't handled.  The document is about a 20-minute read.  As
previously noted, this exercise has always been intended to be a
constructive contribution to the debate and process of updating the current
Decisions.  I don't think anyone expects there to be unanimity in deciding
if and how the current Decisions should change, but this proposal document
hopefully at least serves to show what a possible update could look like.

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