[r-t] 1-part tenors together atw compositions of 23-spliced major

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Dec 1 15:17:02 UTC 2015

MBD: "Computers travel back in time to solve problems from the Restoration. 
(Sort of)"

Inspired as ever by Marky's wisdom, I've made my way to his website and 
stumbled across an interesting page with a 1-part tenors together 
composition of 23-spliced major, along with the usual brief and erudite 
composer's notes (I get excited just reading sentences like "By now I had 
spent a couple of months in feverish thought, problem-solving and software 

The webpage is http://bronze-age.com/spliced/major-23spliced.html , and I've 
also copied the composition below.

Has this been discussed on here before?  I can't immediately recall.  I'm 
glad to see this and it's worth highlighting in any case.

I'm sure the composition will feel rather different, and indeed trickier, to 
ring than the usual 7-part construction of 23-spliced compositions.

It would be good to hear Mark's view on the possible future for this type of 
composition.  Given the considerable effort that went into finding this, 
does he feel it will be a stand-alone curiosity composition, or does he feel 
there's broad scope for development in this area? And if so, along what 
lines? In Mark's composition there is a bit of clustering of leadhead 
groups: only 7 of the 12 possible groups are represented, and indeed 16 of 
the 23 methods are from leadhead groups a,b,f. Perhaps this is an avenue to 

Just to put the composition into context, I don't think Mark's claim at the 
top of the page "The composition below is believed to be the first published 
example of a one-part, tenors-together, ATW peal of 23 Spliced Surprise 
Major" is completely correct.  Even leaving aside Colin Wyld's composition 
(RW 1980-575, also see http://www.cantabgold.net/users/pje24/wyld24.pdf) 
which I thinkis the pioneer in this area but I suppose as 24-spliced (or a 
multi-part construction if not calling) doesn't disprove MBD's claim, there 
is also at least a 2005 composition by Richard Smith, in whole courses (see 
number 9 on 
http://wiki.changeringing.co.uk/Compositions_of_the_Decade_5_-_Major) which 
predates MBD's.

5152 23-Spliced Surprise Major
Composed by Mark B Davies (no.5)

224 each Abaia, Basilisk, Cerberus, Djinn, Ettin, Fenrir, Gorgon, Hydra, 
Incubus, Kraken, Lessness, Marshwiggle, Naiad, Ouroboros, Panserbjørn, Roc, 
Sphinx, Titan, Ungoliant, Valkyrie, Wyvern, Yeti and Zombie S Major; ATW, 
157 COM.

23456   M  W  H
(52436)     -      WZ.
34256      3  -   P.AMPSV.PSVAM.SVAM.
52643   -  -      V.VA.H
64523   3  -  -   GLIT.GLITCH.TCHGLI.C.UN.
(42563)     2      ITCHG.TCHGLI.
52364   -     SS  CHG.OWZYF'DEBUNK'
43265   -     -   R.Y.
32465   3     2   BUNKD.KDEBUN.UNKDEB.E.MPSVA.
56423   -  -  -   FROWZ.LIT.L.
45623      3  -   ZYFRO.EBUNKD.FROWZY.W.
(24653)     -      KDEB.
23456   2     -   MPS.SVAMP.AMPS.

128 4-runs including 14 xxxx5678, 14 xxxx6578

Abaia (c) 56-56.4-56-36-4-5-6-5
Basilisk (c) 5-34.6-56.2.36-34-3-4-5
Cerberus (b) -5-4-5-3-2-3.56-4.5
Djinn (e) -5-6-56-6.34-2.3.4-6.5
Ettin (a)-36-6.5-56.3-2-3.4-34.5
Fenrir (b) -56-45-5-3.2-2.5-4-3
Gorgon (d) 3-5.6-56-36-2-5.6-2.5
Hydra (f) -3-45-2-3.2-2.5-4-1
Incubus (b) -56-6-56-3-2-5-4-1
Kraken (f) -3-4-56-3-2-3.6-2.5
Marshwiggle (b) 34-36.45-5-6-2-5.6-36.7
Naiad (e) 5-3.6-56-6-2-3-2-1
Ouroboros (d) 5-5.4-56-6-34-45-6-3
Panserbjørn (a) -34-4-56-6-2-5.34-4.5
Roc (f) 5-36.4.56-56.3-2-45.36-34.5
Sphinx (b) 5-3.4-5-6-2-5.36-4.3
Titan (a) -36-45-56-6.34-2.3-6-1
Ungoliant (g) -5-6-56-6-34-3-6-5
Valkyrie (f) -56-4.56-56.3-2-3-34-5
Wyvern (f) -5-45-56.2.3-12-3-56-7
Yeti (a) 5-36.4-2-36.2-2.3.2-34.7
Zombie (b) -34-4.56-5.36.2-2.5.6-6.5

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