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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Dec 4 20:25:19 UTC 2015

f.w.i.w., a flowchart for touch generation was published at RW75/33 by 
Peter Corlett. I programmed this (in BASIC) and it produced all 
bobs-only touches of minor groups G - K and so, by extension, groups L - 
O.  And so it lay fallow for some years until Wilf Moreton asked 
something about this in the RW. I recall I published replies giving all 
half-extents somewhere - up to order of rotation/reversal.

In short, there is a 12-bob 360 of Plain Bob of which 
4BPB2BB2BPBB4BBPB3BB is the basic example (4 = PPPP, 3 = PPP, etc.)

Best wishes

PS this task must have been completed before 25/7/1989 as this is the 
earliest prog. mod. I can find. No doubt someone did it before this date!

PPS I have, by request, found that the minimum number of 6-5s @ 
handstroke in an extent of Cunecastre S6 seems to be 5 using bobs only. 
Can anyone find fewer?
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