[r-t] 1-part tenors-together ATW Maximus

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Dec 3 22:13:02 UTC 2015

Rob Lee wrote,

> Very clever stuff from Embee. I also spent about six months
 > battling with the same problem to produce a Maximus composition
 > on the same plan, which was eventually rung last year:
> http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=408723

This is fascinating, Rob - the construction is identical to my rotating 
course-sets on 8 bells, except with only one set, plus an extra non-ATW 
coursing order to help link the rest together. When was it you working 
on this?

I didn't ever look at 12 bells. The course-set idea does work quite 
nicely to Royal (two course-sets of 7 methods each) and I got some 
compositions out for that, but decided to stick to the (what I thought 
was) less-explored territory of Major.

For Maximus, there is only space for one course-set, hence the linkage 
possibilities are limited - the coursing orders within a course set tend 
not all to be closely related. I wonder though whether it is possible to 
find a course-set that does offer full linkage. It would then be 
possible to use a 10-method splice to get ATW for all ten methods with 
no extra leads. Did you look at this Rob? I have had a quick search and 
it doesn't look particularly promising, but it's a big space to exhaust 
so you never know - particularly with additional call types.

Fantastic stuff, anyway. Did you ever tell the list about this, Rob - I 
don't remember it!


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