[r-t] 1-part tenors together atw compositions of 23-splicedmajor

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Fri Dec 4 11:01:14 UTC 2015

"Are you puzzled by Messrs Johnson, Saddleton and Wyld have kept their compositions of Stedman secret in 1995 until they were pealed? "

Yes, absolutely. From Colin Wyld's perspective, keeping his composition unpublished surely led directly to it *not* being used for the first rung peal of Stedman triples. What did he gain by keeping it secret? I'm sure PABS / Andrew Johnson will correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Wyld comp had been published and in the public domain I'd be a bit surprised if a CUG band would have independently searched for (and soon pealed) a conceptually similar but different composition - that would have seemed poor form.

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