[r-t] Out of course treble-dodging minor

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Dec 8 05:02:14 UTC 2015

John Danaher:
“ Inspired by Ander's post last fall, I've been working (on and off) on an exhaustive search for extents of minor. If my code is correct, I've been able to enumerate every composition of the 147 regular treble-dodging methods, spliced at the lead end, using bobs or any/all of the four single changes as calls”
Excellent. I’m really delighted to see more attention in this area. Please do publish your results.
“...I found 419,388,705 total compositions of the 147 methods excluding lead-splices, rotations, and reflections...I've been focused on just getting to this point, so I'm honestly not sure what sort of thing to look for in that haystack”
As Glint says, it would be very interesting to see if your search has yielded any splices that have not previously been exploited.
Indeed, rather than just thinking about compositions containing methods from the 4 quadrants, can you order the search to categorise all extents by the different overworks contained within them? 
ie ideally producing an 8 (or 14) dimensional (for the 8 / 14 overworks depending on whether you counts 2nds / 6ths place overworks as distinct) output so that if I want to see which are the extents containing both, eg London-over and Hills-over methods (and potentially other overworks also) then all possibilities are listed?  I would love to see such a categorisation.
As a further desirable (more work!), it would be nice to be able to filter the extents by the number of parts also.
“My favorite discovery so far is that (again supposing my code is correct) if you try choosing four methods from the four quadrants (one each of S, 3D, 4D, and TB), there are only three sets that can produce an all-the-work composition...was that composition (or one like it) previously known?”
John Warboys has a rotation of this on his website (see the 6-bell extents page at http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06ef.htm, specifically the “Extents of Treble Dodging Minor” section towards the bottom of the page). 
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