[r-t] Audit of spliced treble dodging minor

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Feb 17 09:43:21 UTC 2015

There's been so much progress in compositions of spliced minor in recent 
years that it's easy to forget some of the huge achievements.

Most of the current record-breaking, era-defining and elegant compositions 
are the formidable output of John Warboys. Of course progress is also made 
by building on the cumulative work of many, andin recent times Philip 
Saddleton, Richard Smith, Richard Pearce, Peter Ellis, Andrew Tibbetts and 
others deserve much praise too.

Here is a list of what I think the current "state of the art" is with 
compositions, divided into three categories:

- All 41 "regular" surprise minor methods
- All 147 "regular" treble dodging minor methods
- All 729 treble-dodging methods formed by the 18 possible "regular" 
over/underworks (with -12-, -56- or 56-12 sections when the treble is in 

The list is essentially a sweep of John's website :-)

Please do shout if I've overlooked compositions, or indeed if there are 
whole other categories that merit inclusion.

So where's the future progress going to come from?


Shortest length for 41 Surprise Minor:
    5040 - many examples, including all 3-parts, eg SU0718 

Shortest length for 41 Surprise atw:
    5760 - SU0801, SU0802, SU0803, SU0804 
    (theoretical minimum = 41*120 = 4920)

Most methods of 41 atw in a 5040:
    39 - SU0719 / SU0720, both exact 5-parts 

Most methods of 41 in 7 whole extents:
    35 (http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06e.htm#SU-MAX)

Shortest length for 41 Surprise in whole extents:


Shortest length for 147 TD minor:
    6480 - TD0901 (http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06.htm#147-6480)

Shortest length for 147 TD atw:
    20160 - TD2801 (http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06.htm#147-20160)
    (theoretical minimum = 147*120 = 17640)

Most methods of 147 in a 5040:
    113 - TD0708 (http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06.htm#106-5040)

Most methods of 147 atw in 5040:
    42 - TD0710 - rung in whole courses 
    (theoretical maximum = 42)

Most methods of 147 in 7 whole extents:
    82 (http://warboys.org.uk/comps/comp06e.htm#TD-MAX)

Shortest length for 147 TD in whole extents:


Shortest length of 729 spliced:
10080 (Andrew Tibbetts - unpublished) - magic blocks


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