[r-t] Results of Poll on the Null Change

Tim Barnes tjbarnes23 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 02:43:57 UTC 2015

The question was: Should the null change be allowed in a beta-method?

The results were:

*A:* Yes: *14 votes*

*B:* No: *9 votes*

Total votes: *23*

*A* is therefore the winner with 61% of the vote.

You can also view the results, including the optional comments that people
wrote, in SurveyMonkey via this link:


I think that brings us to the end of the list of potential restrictions on
what is allowed as a method.  I'll attempt to summarize what we've agreed
on methods so far, and post it over the weekend.  Then on to calls, which
hopefully will be a lot easier and quicker than methods...

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