[r-t] Results of Poll on Consecutive Blows in the Same Position

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Jan 5 14:31:48 UTC 2015

> Optional comments ....
> - More than 2 consecutive blows in the same position should only be 
> allowed in minimus and doubles up to a maximum of 4. If you allow 
> more than 2 consecutive blows in the same position above doubles then 
> you are basically ringing call changes and not change ringing.

It does seem a little late to propose a tighter constraint given that the
first "accepted" peal, rung 300 years ago, had four consecutive blows every

The Norwich Scholars
Norwich, Norfolk, St Peter Mancroft, Tenor: 28
On Thursday 2 May 1715, in 3 hours and 18 minutes
5,040 Plain Bob Triples
Composed by John Garthon

1	John Garthon (C)
2	Isaac Pearce
3	John Briggs
4	James Brooke
5	David Sannevill
6	Thomas Gardiner
7	William Dixon
8	Robert Woodcock
The first known true peal.


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