[r-t] Results of Poll on the Null Change

Ted Steele teds.bells at tesco.net
Sun Jan 11 17:39:00 UTC 2015

On 11/01/2015 16:58, Mark Davies wrote:
> PJE writes,
>> Call Changes are also surely a form of change ringing.
> Well, I was brought up to consider them to be two separate things.

Change ringing embraces both method ringing, aka in the west country as 
scientific, and call-change ringing.

In call change ringing the changes occur only when called, the repeats 
are not known as null changes, they are no kind of change at all. If 
there is a valid reason to call a repeated row a change then it doesn't 
apply in the call-change tradition. Nor I think does it anywhere else.


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