[r-t] Definitions so far

John Harrison john at jaharrison.me.uk
Wed Jan 21 12:14:34 UTC 2015

> > I'd want to describe anything from 1250 - 5000 changes as a quarter
> > peal. Ridiculous I know once you get past 2000 or so changes, but
> > "quarter peal" is just the label I'd use for that bracket, and your
> > definition seems to allow for this.

> Is it ridiculous?  I've rung a couple of 2160s and it hadn't
> occured to me to think of them as anything other than
> quarters.

What both comments ignore are half peals.  True the number rung is tiny,
but they are rung and they are reported as half peals.

I've rung several.  Most were peals called round early, either at the
request of one of the band or because of quality, but the first was planned
as a half peal by the band I learnt with, as a stepping stone - a couple of
months after we rang our first quarter and before going on to attempt a

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