[r-t] Definitions so far

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Wed Jan 21 12:57:25 UTC 2015

John Harrison wrote:

>>> I'd want to describe anything from 1250 - 5000 changes as a quarter
>>> peal. Ridiculous I know once you get past 2000 or so changes, but
>>> "quarter peal" is just the label I'd use for that bracket, and your
>>> definition seems to allow for this.
>> Is it ridiculous?  I've rung a couple of 2160s and it hadn't
>> occured to me to think of them as anything other than
>> quarters.
> What both comments ignore are half peals.

My original definition said:  "A performance of length 1250 
or more may be described as a /quarter peal length 
performance/.  Other fractional peal lengths are defined in 
a similar manner but are less commonly used."

Doesn't that cover half peals?


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