[r-t] Terms of truth

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sun Jul 19 00:49:22 UTC 2015

"Has an "extent" of 20,160 Little Bob Major ever been rung? It seems like something that should be done at least once before the human race becomes extinct"

I don't think so. The Cambridge University Guild did though ring an extent of Bastow Major (treble hunts to 2nds), ie 10080 changes, in 2001 (

"It also brings me back to a question I asked after a peal a year or two back: Is it possible to ring a 2,880 of Surprise Minor where each change  appears once each at each position of the treble?"


2880 Treble Dodging Minor
23456 W B H
42356 3 ss - 
6 part, calling single for bob halfway and end.

For some further examples see the 2880s attributed to Robert Brown at http://ringing.org/main/pages/peals/minor

There are 4 different courses where rounds can occur. So in general, any 24 course block will have this property.  In other words, you just need a composition that keeps one bell fixed and includes all of the possible courses.

A happy related property is that when you are ringing treble dodging minor you are only ever one call away from rounds (whatever course you might currently be ringing you can get to one of the 4 courses that contains rounds in just one call).

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