[r-t] Compositions of the Decade: Part 8 - Cinques

Mark Eccleston M.R.Eccleston at bham.ac.uk
Thu Jun 25 10:23:21 UTC 2015

As Jack has neatly demonstrated, Mark Davies' Q block is an effective and straightforward way of obtaining various LB5 runs off the back. The price to pay is that the 6th is moved into 'unfamiliar' positions at a number of course-ends and there is not much in the way of LB runs off the front: but I am being very picky here!

An alternative to Mark's block is the following:



254163        7

513462        7.18

142365        7.18

435261        7.18

314265        7.s19

325164        18.19

23            s5.s14.s16

324165        5.6.s14.s16


I have used variations of this block numerous times in peal compositions. It only includes three sixes of LB5 runs off the back, whereas the MBD Q block includes four. But it does include a number of LB4 off the back as well as LB runs off the front, especially around the 435261 course end. The calling is extremely straightforward and the 6th is in the right place for all the handstroke homes and tittums music!

If conductors prefer the added excitement the MBD Q block brings then a slight tweak gives additional LB4 runs at the back, whilst retaining all four LB5s. The tweak also means that there are LB4 or LB5 runs off the back in every course, something the original Q block does not achieve:



514623        7.s14.s16.s18

523614        s7.s14.s16.s19

263154        s14.s16.s18

254163        s7.s14.s16.s19

534162        7

314265        6.s7.18

325164        18.19

324165        s5.s14.s19


As others have noted, the xxxx6xE7908 block has much to offer (runs of E098s and 9876s off the back), it is however false against the 6x7890E block. At least Jack's choice of the xxxx6x7890E and xxxx6x78E90 blocks has the 7th in the right place to include the long LB runs of 765432s off the back in the 26315478xxx courses.

There is no particularly neat way of obtaining all 10 near misses in a LB-focused composition. But Jack, or others, may want to study the following composition: http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=225324

Finally, I particularly like the following short block which picks up the 78, 56, 89 and 67 near misses (probably the most difficult near misses to obtain in a LB-focused composition) whilst including various LB runs off the back:


1234          s1.7.9.10.s16.19

12537486E90   1.4.6- (20)

134275869E0   s9-11.19.20

xxxxxxxxxxx   1

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