[r-t] Decisions

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Mar 20 07:23:14 UTC 2015

PJE said "So by this Woolley logic, Decisions are not falsifiable, and 
can not be revoked. Truly we are lucky to have such enlightened 
guardians of Decisions looking after us."

Crap! This is not the church of Rome!

Isn't it wonderful how members of CUG think they have a complete 
knowledge of my thoughts?

Why something was so is vital to our understanding of how we might move 
forward. To move without this understanding  might end up with us 
throwing out the baby with the bathwater - but I suspect many frequent 
contributers to this list have no understanding of what that means.

Consider falseness in the plain course. I *think* this has not been 
allowed because of the difficulty of obtaining an extent - and remember, 
ringing has evolved from small numbers upward so this makes sense. 
However, many such methods can be rung to 'double extents', this change 
was made recently, and so the old idea no longer applies. Conclusion - 
there seems to be no need for its continued existence.

I am in favour of blocks, in general, too. Any method can be regarded as 
a combination of blocks. Take Double Oxford as an example. The basic 
'block' is x4x3x which can generate four methods when followed by 1 or 
5, rung backwards giving D. Oxford, London, D. Court and Herward.

Extension: This is a very easy concept. Like most easy concepts, it is 
very difficult to explain in words. Try explaining the effects of a 
solar eclipse to someone who has been blind from birth. Interestingly, 
the best way I know to get people going on this one is to opine that 
Yorkshire Major, Albainian Royal, Southwark Maximus,... forms an 
alternative extension sequence of Cambridge Minor. As often, the best 
way to teach this is by example. I have always said, and I see DFM is a 
convert to this cause, the real problem is 'how to prove indefinacy'. 
The second point here is to whether it is desirable/necessary - given 
the practical finite nature of the numbers of bells. (Some extensions 
don't start until very high numbers, there is an extension of Surfleet 
which exists at 28, 52, etc)


PS Pudsey, Prittlewell, Gartree are another alternative sequence.

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