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Can take the lead heads and lead ends of Bob Triples, subtract 1 from
each figure, and you get Original Minor:

Holts 720 of Bob Minor calls the treble once 5-6 up, once 5-6 down and
once to make 4ths.

This is equivalent to composing a 5040 of Bob Triples without singles,
where the 7th is called once In, Out and 4ths.

John Holt also composed such a peal of Bob Triples, and he may well
have used the same design for both.

As an aside, Single Court Minor can be converted to a composition of
Bob Triples. If this is done with the usual 720, it becomes 5040 Bob
Triples on the Wrong and Middle plan. In the 1788 Campanalogia, it is
stated that Holt was the first to produce the peal of Bob Triples
without bobs, but that the Wrong and Middle plan was due to Annable.

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 > Ooh, you've got my attention: how do you ring a 720 of Bob Minor 
 > without singles, please? Variable hunt or something?

 It was first described in Clavis Campanalogia (1788), I think, with a
720 by John Holt with three extra bobs affecting the treble. Does
someone have the composition to hand?

 Ander also has some examples on his website:
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