[r-t] Hoaxes

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Mar 20 06:32:30 UTC 2015

Hi All

RAS said "

Well done.  You've just exposed your previous argument as a heap of Woolley logic.  You argue minimus in hand with only two ringers would be too easy to hoax.  By that logic, Stedman Septuples with fourteen ringers must be exceedingly difficult to hoax, yet as you've just found, exactly that has happened.  Your argument is completely specious."

The point about hoaxes is (i) they must have 'Truth' and (ii) the fewer involved the better.

As regards the Birmingham 'events', the band could not possibly have rung what was reported where it was reported to have taken place. It didn't have 'truth' and with 14/15 involved (one double-handler), there is huge scope for two or three to give the game away. However, the Piltdown Man hoax was successful for 40 years because it was based upon 'truth' and was the work of, as far as we know, just one man. The Birmingham 'events' were just a bit of fun, no doubt. As hoaxes, they fail the first test immediately. Failing the second test, if necessary, may take a little longer to come to fruition.

"You argue minimus in hand with only two ringers would be too easy to hoax." No I didn't and only a fool would suggest I did. I said "there are those who can ring four-in-hand, so what is to
stop anyone claiming a peal of minimus four in hand?". It is very difficult to prove s(he) didn't.



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