[r-t] Doubles 240s

John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Fri Mar 20 10:48:50 UTC 2015

At 10:10 on 20 March 2015, James White wrote:

> Isn't a "change" the passage from one row to the next and therefore there
> must be a "change" to pass from, say, rounds to rounds.  I think we have to
> move away from the concept that a "change" (technical usage) means that
> things must change (every day usage).

That is exactly the point at issue.  Why do we have to do this?  Most
"ordinary" ringers would (I guess) disagree.  But the argument is
getting repetitious.  Once you get to the stage where someone accuses
someone else with a different point of view of being too thick to
understand what is being said, you might as well give up.


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