[r-t] Doubles 240s

Ted Steele teds.bells at tesco.net
Thu Mar 26 14:59:30 UTC 2015

On 26/03/2015 12:57, Don Morrison wrote:

> Do you mean 4'33"?

Yes, that's it.

If so, while silence was certainly a motivation of
> the work, the title of the work said nothing about silence, ....  you have clearly
> never listened to a performance of it.

I have not; how could I?

Don's suggestion of a shittimus as a term for minimus ringing suggests a 
possible opinion of it but tells nothing of the real nature of what is 
rung. "Null change", unlike "Identity change" does make a clear 
suggestion to the non-mathematician of what is being described and is 
much clearer to us mortals. I think I may organise the ringing of 4' 33" 
of Identity Changes and publish it as a miscellaneous performance of a 
work composed by myself; I suspect however that it might be dismissed as 
being simply rounds.

I am pleased to have sparked a little laughter, but the point is a 
serious one. The discussion is difficult enough to many of us without 
the needless use of still more obscure terminology. If there is any 
desire at all to have this understood and accepted by the majority of 
ringers then best to use plain English.



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